W7 Shade & Swap Makeup Colour Swapper

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  • Remove excess powder and clean make up brushes in an instant.
  • Instantly cleanse your brushes and change makeup colour by simply sweeping them over the sponge pad.
  • Completely cruelty-free.
  • Imported from UK.

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W7 Shade & Swap Makeup Colour Swapper

Product description

Swap over shades of make up colour by sweeping your brush over the sponge pad;Your previous colour will be removed with a couple of stokes;You are now ready for your next shade of colour

About the product
  • W7 Shade & Swap Make Up Brush Colour Swapper
  • SHADE & SWAP – Make Up Color Swapper by W7. Product for quick cleaning of bristles without the use of water. Perfect when making very colorful make-up that with many different shades and when you need a few brushes. The sponge is placed in a handy, plastic package, so that SHADE & SWAP is perfect for traveling. Reusable.
    • Sponge for cleaning brushes.
    • It will allow you to ‘wash’ your brushes without having to use water.
    • Plastic package makes it easy to store.
    • Reusable.
    • Easy to maintain clean and use.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To get rid of the color from the brush and avoid mixing shades, simply rub the sponge with it, that will instantly remove color.
    To clean the sponge, put a small amount of soap on it and place it under warm water. Squeeze the remains and then leave the sponge to dry.

    • Perfect for make-up artist kits
    • Travel friendly
    • Housed in luxe pink packaging

    Remove excess powder and clean make up brushes in an instant. Love your eyeshadow brush and want to use a light shade after applying a deeper, darker colour?

    With the Shade & Swap you can change shades easily, just sweep your brush over the sponge several times and the previous colour is removed. You can now apply your new shade.

    Call it your own, personal brush cleaner!

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    Made in UK


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    W7 Shade & Swap Makeup Colour

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  1. Toma Biswas

    I bought a couple of products and they are all fantastic, I will definitely be buying more😁

    Toma Biswas

  2. Jannattul piya

    first time order korsi and time moto products o peye gesi..impressive

    Jannattul piya