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W7 Mini Power Puff

(2 customer reviews)

  • Power Puff is a versatile make up applicator. Easily applies to makeup, leaving a perfect finish.
  • Has incredible blend ability.
  • Portable and Washable.
  • Wash if necessary and air dry.
  • POWER PUFF can be used for any makeup like liquid foundation, powder foundation, concealer, blusher et.

৳ 294.00 ৳ 450.00

W7 Mini Power Puff

Description from W7:
  • Super Control for Highlighting and Concealing Smaller Facial Areas
  • Latex Free


W7 Mini Power Puffs (24pcs) – Wholesale pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: W7
  • Cosmetic Range: Power Puff
  • Cosmetic Type: Face sponge, Cosmetic Accessories
  • Size: Not Available
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Wholesale Pack: 48 Sponges in 24 Packs
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1
  • If you love our Power Puff and our gorgeous Mini’s then you’ll love our Power Puff Trio. A set of both our every day Power Puff and our Power Puff mini’s!

    Conceal, Blend and Contour with this set!

    A teardrop shaped sponge to add to your beauty kit! A latex free makeup blender, applicator and overall multitasker. Blend and set liquid foundation, blusher, highlighters and contour creams and get that glow!

  • Esponjas – Mini Power Puffs – W7Mini esponjas de maquillaje ideales para zonas como las ojeras, las aletas de la nariz, el nacimiento del cabello, etc. Usa estas esponjitas con el corrector, iluminador líquido o cualquier otro maquillaje que requiera un acabado de precisión.Indicado para: todo tipo de pieles.Contiene: 2 esponjitas.Cruelty Free – No testado en animales
  • I’ve had these little sponges for quite a while, since the end of February in fact. I think I’ve been using them everyday since. I picked the W7 Mini Power Puffs while I was back in Ireland for about €2,65 (guessing as I’ve lost the receipt). You get two sponges in each packet, so of course I got two packets, just so I’d have back ups. They’re also latex free. Sadly I’ve not found them in the UK, however I’m sure it won’t be long before they arrive.
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  • W7 Mini Power Puff


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  1. orna Akter

    I bought a couple of products and they are all fantastic, I will definitely be buying more😁

    orna Akter

  2. Jannattul piya

    first time order korsi and time moto products o peye gesi..impressive

    Jannattul piya